Frontline Workers Are Bargaining for
Pandemic ‘Hero’ Pay

  Dockworkers, bus drivers and meatpackers are seeking, and winning, bonuses for risking their lives during Covid-19   When West Coast dockworkers struck a six-year contract deal this month with a 32% pay increase, the tentative agreement came with an added benefit—$72 million for “hero bonuses” to be shared among workers for keeping cargo moving … Read more

New Ports Contract Would Raise Pay
32%, Bring Dockworkers $70 Million in

  This week’s tentative agreement at West Coast ports is the latest union deal to bring sizable wage increases to transport workers   West Coast dockworkers won a 32% pay increase through 2028 and will get a one-time “hero bonus” for working through the pandemic under a tentative contract agreement reached with port employers, according … Read more

Trucker Yellow Is Suing Teamsters
Union Over Changes to Operations

A freight truck operated by Yellow, a less-than-truckload operator in the U.S. trucking market. PHOTO: YELLOW CORP. Relations between trucker Yellow and the Teamsters union are growing more rancorous as the two sides negotiate a new multiyear labor agreement. The trucking company filed a suit against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Tuesday, claiming the union is … Read more

Here’s how we can resolve the global supply chain crisis

Our livelihoods – food, jobs, energy – depend on functioning and resilient global supply chains. Unfortunately, the uncertainty caused by the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic from region to region has made it difficult to resume business on a global scale. At the same time, fuelled by the e-commerce boom, container shipping freight rates are … Read more

The Road Ahead: Logistics Industry Predictions for 2023

February 9, 2023 Doug Waggoner, SCB Contributor Will 2023 herald a return to more “normal” operations in the logistics sector? With so many factors vulnerable to external events such as fuel prices, accurate predictions can be hard to make. But here’s a closer look at what 2023 might have in store for logistics. A recession … Read more

Technology will help maritime transport navigate through the pandemic—and beyond

Maritime transport is the backbone of the global economy, accounting for over 90% of cross-border trade. And like most other industries, shipping is being rapidly transformed by a range of technology innovations that aim to make operations greener, cheaper, and more efficient. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended maritime transport and created … Read more

INDIA Reimagining India’s logistics sector

Currently, ranked 44 globally based on the Logistics Performance Index, India’s logistics industry is expected to reach USD 330 billion by 2025 as per industry estimates. With a massive growth potential, the sector plays a critical role in the development of industries, infrastructure, and economy at large. However, to achieve this, there is an urgent … Read more